Because Peoples’ Lives Matter

StatCon is a leader in fire protection; protecting lives, assets, and businesses from fire hazards. StatCon offers customers peace of mind by offering a full spectrum of fire engineering and solutions. StatCon has the capability to design, engineer, manufacture and install fire protection systems and accessories. StatCon has a wide portfolio which covers fire extinguishers, hoses, fire cabients, alarm systems, detection systems,Foam suppression system, water based firefighting suppression ,Gas based firefighting suppression packages, dry and wet fire suppression systems. StatCon solutions combines both fire detection and extinguishing control systems.

100 years of a combined experience

StatCon has been designing and installing fire alarm and suppression systems since inception, supported by more than 100 years of a combined experience. Our professional staff provides designing, manufacturing, installation, training and maintenance of automatic detection and suppression systems to protect a wide variety of standard and special hazards.

A recognized standard of excellence

All system designs are reviewed thoroughly by our engineers, designers, and certified technicians, a recognized standard of excellence. In addition, all field personnel are factory trained on the products we sell. This ensures the optimum services for our customers, from project concept to acceptance testing.

our commitment to support the military

To support the operation and to expand the business, StatCon has set up a new state of the art manufacturing and fabrication facility in the northern part of the United Arab Emirates, 34 miles away from the Dubai airport. In this facility, StatCon can produce steel fire resistant, bullet proof, blast resistant, and acoustical resistant steel doors.

In our commitment to support the military, we are producing bullet proof mobile housing and units, all meeting the necessary international standards as well as local regulations and are supported by our worldwide principals network.

Today, StatCon has the inhouse capacity and the capability to design, engineer, fabricate and develop new firefighting products under one roof.

Because peoples’ lives and assets matter, We, at StatCon strive to provide technological leadership and performance excellence to the global firefighting industry and support our customers with service excellence and sustainable solutions.

The StatCon Promise ;

StatCon recognizes that within the compliance industry as a whole, accountability needs to be improved. We have backed ourselves to insure the standard of the service we have been delivering to our clients remains excellent, and have put out a challenge to the rest of the industry.
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