StatCon supply a large range of firefighting pumps and firefighting pump systems that meet with NFPA and UL, FM standards.

Firefighting pumps are rarely used, however their duty necessitates quality, reliability and efficiency and this is exactly what our firefighting systems offer.

StatCon supply custom built firefighting skids complete with jockey pumps and main pumps with either electric motors or diesel engines.

Pump systems can be customized to accommodate space restrictions and allow for specialist remote control and monitoring. Our firefighting pumps and systems can be supplied in a wide range of materials to handle all extinguishing media including; water, sea water and foam.

Firefighting systems are installed in any areas where people and property need to be protected from fire, these include; airports, offshore vessels, offshore oil and gas installations, onshore oil and gas installations, factories and buildings.

● Conform to NFPA 20 and UL ,FM Standard.
● Complete skid solutions including pump ,pipework, valves, pressure gauges and control panels
● Used to pressurize and maintain the pressure of firefighting systems such as sprinklers ,fire cabinets and hydrants.
●Electrical Motor and Diesel Engines
●Can be supplied with various pump types including end suctions, Vertical in-line, split casing and multistage.
Various Material Options to handle all free firefighting media include to NFPA 20 and UL

Standard and Certifications

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